Board of Directors Sept 2017

Board of Directors Sept 2017


Chair: Vickie Lewis, McDonald’s Owner/Operator
Vice Chair/Treasurer: Susie Stames, McDonald’s Owner/Operator
Secretary: Lea Heidman, McDonald’s Owner/Operator
Chairman Emeritus: Allen D. Smith, McDonald’s Owner/Operator (deceased)


Trina J. Bediako, Community Representative
Nick Fanous, Community Representative
Judy Hubbard, RMH-Cleveland Representative
Heather Jalbert, RMH-Akron Representative
Awanda King, McDonald’s Operations Manager
Geoffrey Ledwidge, McDonald’s Owner/Operator
Don McCardle, RMH-Akron Representative
Linda Pollack, Community Representative
Kathleen Watson, RMH-Cleveland Representative


Gloria Abrams, Community Representative
Tim Brown, Owner, New Horizons Baking Company
Sal Baglieri, former McDonald’s Owner/Operator
Rosie Perez, Community Representative


CEO: Ann Newman
Accountant: Lana Baird
Administrative Intern: Margaret Currie
Computer Consultant: Cary Root, Root-InfoTech